Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The conscious imperative

* the conscious imperative *
Waiting for God
To lift his mighty finger
Might as well expect
A teenager to clean his room
The choices we are set
Are ours to resolve
If we acknowledge God in equation
Then it should be to note
The skills unto us bestowed
For it is with our sweat and thought
Or through our ignorance and fear
That the greatest good or harm will occur
And if we remove God completely
Decide a deity is an archaic leftover
As the Gods of Olympus are now treated
Then it still does not remove
The conscious imperative of us all
To do what ought to be done
To protect the feeble and make strong the weak
To defend against the evil some will do
Highlight the good in our world
And gird our loins for the fight ahead
Against those of every colour
Those of every faith
Those of every land or place
Who think themselves above fellowship
Decide they should oppress not enlighten
Who through tyranny and greed
Would cast down those who deserve
No less to live unburdened by fear
Than those who in their strength
Would demand fidelity and servitude from all.

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