Friday, April 29, 2011

Bill's gratuitous slop

** Bill's gratuitous slop **
Shakespearean literature is the gutter
From which students literary suck
So these poems set-down do explore
Why Shakespeare base you should deplore
His words are oft tasteless and crude
Where he would place a rose is so rude
By any other name his genius be obscenity
Whether peddling paedophilia or promoting unwedded promiscuity
Innkeepers harlots and shrews dot his scripts
Figures of authority denigrated as selfish twits
Where fairies or gods become involved
Motives of these mystic beings are not evolved
Merely there to mischief stir and create asses
From among the love struck bourgeois classes
Royalty upon whom great responsibility bestowed
Treated with more familiarity than one from whom money owed
Shakespeare gives them feeble minds or dark ambitions
All they do is plot and kill or act seditious
Women kind are treated foully and worse
A shrew who must be broken to remove her curse
A young maid barely fourteen summers long
In a relationship completely wrong
To a young angry braggart fast with the blade
No surprise both soon are in their grave
Witches and thunder for effect
Kings and queens with defects
Unsound princes and suicidal princesses
Or ambitious ladies stained by crimes they cannot forget
There are thieves and bullies here
Drunkards fools and many many murderers
So few in whom you could say
They are good and truthful and would pray
Those who seek to perform good
More oft than not end up as worm food
This is the dark world Shakespeare sees
Of quarrelsome nobles and less holy Sees
Where language of the gutter rises
Stuck together with metaphor and simile
A rose by any other name
In this case is a turd rolled in glitter.

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