Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Let leaders play

* let leaders play *
Valid assassinations listed
In the manuals of war
Whom can be killed and when
To protect the politicians who declare war
Who say their country must fight
No laws that the killing of the common soldier
In a trench serving his time against an unnamed foe
Is murder most unjust or wrong
Yet the removal of a single ruling man
The tyrant preposterous is not allowed
For would set a bad example
And make targets of politicians who war would wage
I wonder if such a bad example needs to be set
Every so often when knock on door answered
A double tap into politician's jingoistic head
Let the politician feel the fear of death
Notice their friends being liquidated
Encourage them to cease conflict sooner
Or perhaps not go to war in first place
If in doing so they would know
Not only those others whom they sent to fight
Might pay the butcher's bill of war
Some payment might fall upon their heads
Perhaps a failed attempt leave them maimed or crippled
Those enthusiasts of wars for ideals
They appear unwilling to follow themselves
True democracy and marchers on the streets
Appreciated in some distant land or city
With which they have no acquaintance
Not at their doorway on their watch
Democracy long a watchword be
Too often wasted on the free
And the restriction of assassinations
Too often allows to live
The reasons for immoral war.

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