Friday, April 29, 2011

Descent to peak

* descent to peak *
Tired close my eyes
Quell the thoughts spraying
As a drunk in a shower
Showing such perfect wit
Sketching out his name
Punctuated with his sh*t
The world can be an unholy place
Full of tears and despair
Some find their way down lower
Others are taken there
Beaten down by the savagery
Of their fellow man
Crushed and tortured and lost
Beyond reach of normal men
Who dare not tread too far
Beyond the lit and level byways
Of the civilised highways
Avoid the dark and narrow alleys
Where the angry multitude glower
Growing more frustrated and furious by the hour
Les Miserables waiting to rise up
Tear the street asunder
Bring down their hate and thunder
Upon the privileged empty heads
Too long living in safety of soft beds
Fed and dined on toil of others
Now rising up those sisters and brothers
Inflict on them the torture penance
For those without a choice or voice
Then around bonfires they rejoice
Your cultural icons rich and good
Make such fine firewood
And your necks shall be offered up
On these Madame Guillotine shall sup
Always the way with popular uprising
The results are never all that surprising
The rulers get the sharp end driven
Of a spike of justice for their high living
And Les Miserables settle back to sleep
Until in defence of liberty they leap.

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