Friday, April 1, 2011


Trace these fine lines of relationships
The tender fly lines floating
Morning lines and nightclub lines
Of lust and passion and desire
Watch the smile in your eyes
See if on lips its lingers
Seek the tingle of your kiss
Wash of warmth from entwined fingers
Skin to skin unbridles thoughts
Conversation flow is lost
All the lines are tangled vines
Which I grab for as we talk
Distracted now by heat blossoming
Is only my heart which races so
And how I want to press closer
Mould myself from head to toe
Against your lush fecundity
Taste the tastes of your mouth
Explore sweep of skin and slope of neck
Swoop upon rise of breast
Set sword of tongue to n*pple
Entertain and fire bring
To your heart and mind and head
Set a track to euphoria
Toe curling hand clenching body rocking ecstasy
On those lines which I chart
Through your words into your spine
In tender passion give and partake
Of soaring moments and our selves shared
In lines of trust and truth dared.

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