Friday, June 24, 2011


_--- Words ---_
You know the words you seek to say
the gentle psalms wish to pray
How the morning finds you awake
And night deep is when you sleep
All additions to your accumulated worth
Escaping from a voodoo curse
Voodoo of the workplace and money
Neither of which makes honey
Honey sweet and rich from bees labour derived
Perhaps a lesson from buzzing insect on how to be alive
Completely diligent in your task be
And know exactly of what type of bee
Worker soldier drone or queen
The role you do is your mean
The balance of all extremes
Place between life and dreams
It happens whether you see or not
Must play the role you have got
A fierce determinism exists
Do you live to live or just subsist
So it is the words you know
Words of stay or words to go
Words of joy or woe or love
Words of praise on mortal form or god above
All these words aligned and dressed
So knowing all no need be stressed.

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