Friday, June 17, 2011

Becoming me

++* Becoming Me *++
These eyes of mine have seen the glories
Tasted ambrosia rich and sweet
Smelt rich autumn in changing forests
Seen Sun's eclipse and Moon's stolen crescents
Looked upon the desolate ruins of Troy
Stood within bloodied gullies of Gallipoli
Walked upon the graves of kings and poets
Sang in cathedrals and frozen in Persian mountains
Been blessed in the greatest golden temples
Travelled upon an elephant a plane by dugout canoe
From Kathmandu to ports and harbours
High hills low lees and places inbetween
Experienced snow cold and desert heat
Burnt hands and feet by Sun and frost
Travelled far and sometimes lost
Talked and listened to men of every skin
Seen markets primitive raw and fresh
Others vast barns of food processed
Drunk and stumbled in taverns distant
Conversations with other strangers far from home
Lived and breathed air of great cities
Strolled through villages rich in simplicity
All this grandness and humbleness
Taken as heart's expected wandering
To view the views others take for granted
And to return home outer visage little changed
Yet deep inside these travelled places claim
A corner of my multi-faceted heart
A diamond formed from journeys diverse
For all I can ever be
Is all the places I have ever been
What I have heard tasted or scented
All the cultures peoples and things I have seen
All the experiences I have ever lived
And all the many which I shall
Between first breath and final rest.

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