Friday, June 17, 2011

The flying corporate

** the flying corporate **
Bainmarie on the long full bench
Corporate breakfast far from home
Almost warm and almost nourishing
Fills an empty spot with stone
All these trips and nought to show
More flyer miles you cannot use
Taxi drivers navigationally challenged
Drunks in restaurants full of abuse
A comfortable bed in a different city
No time for tourism of places pretty
Corporate hotdesking on sad side of city
Empty bed awaits end of corporate day
This is the good life they say
The high flying corporate life
Never home with growing children
Unable to sleep with frustrated wife
Hoping you can get to holiday break
Before a heart attack or nervous shakes
Overcome the tailored facade
Make all glimpse tired charade
Of the man self unmade
Running down as springs grow loose
Achieving little and leaves no proof
Of ever having been here at all
An easily replaceable erasable corporate pawn
Who shall be when down completely worn
Given a token of their esteem
Sent to live those postponed dreams.

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