Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Do you?

** do you *
Nuclear power has had its hour
The Germans have declared
Other forms to generate electricity
These Germans believe shall be found
Next door the French sit
A country balanced on the atom
Steam turbines turn on energy found
Inside nuclear reactors spinning round
Fossil fuels must run out
A finite source for our infinite greed
The way we seek to mine those fuels
Dangerously reflect our desperation
Oil rigs drilling ever deeper down
Fracturing the earth beneath the ground
If some event or failure happens
Beyond our reach to remedy
Can only block the top and wander off
Hope no more oil shall seep out
Coal we still burn gives off its plumes
Infects and make heavy the air
Bonds of smog choke the cities
Children cough and die
A pluerisy across the entire globe
Fevered chills of climate change
Sometimes unexpectedly cold
Other times raging hot
Lungs of planet are clogging up
Winds change their course
Lakes dry up or unexpectedly flood
World an unbalanced patient is
Bringing natural disasters on our heads
Only natural in they are from our world
Yet we have stirred them up so much more
100 year floods occurring more regularly
Than the decades turn
Episodes of fierce angry weather
Where once more temperate spirits played
We say is not us and what we do
Perhaps the world is in a mood
Perhaps the cow jumped over the moon
But I don't think so do you?

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