Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pieces of rainbows

** pieces of rainbows **
There are these shattered rainbows on the floor
Broken from all the boys I knew before
Formed across the blur of tears
When every single one made real my fears
And now you are standing there
A scent of love caught in your hair
Standing on shards of rainbows you cannot see
If you could you may realise how difficult this is for me
Opening up again to the fear of falling down
Even as your smile lifts my heart up from the ground
The Sun has risen and fallen far too many times
The wisdom I have been taught is wisdom of dimes

A single silver coin and this fortune told
But how I wish to again reach out and hold
Feel love's warm promise on your lips
Lay myself against sweet line of your hips
There is no great exclamation I will gasp
Only a strong sense perhaps this might last
Your kisses dull the flames writhing within
Hands a cool salve upon my bruised and tender skin
I cannot go without another throw of hope
Though if this should fail unsure how I will cope
You will never know of this fight I have inside
All hope and passion into depression too easily slide
And yet you are here standing on the shattered rays
Of all those rainbows which once held up my days
I feel as if I am falling through the stratosphere
Hoping you will be beneath to catch me and draw me near

No more excuses as I escape the shadows of
All the boys before who left me in this fog
This escape is final as I am reaching for your arms
This is love eternal succumbing to your charms
And if I am wrong and all world fails apart
You end up tearing another strip across my heart
I will know more rainbows will crash upon the floor
And in those shards plentiful I will be unable to ignore
I loved and felt such beauty and I know one day I will meet
Another who is my equal and will clear the broken rainbows at my feet
And I am wondering if that one could be you
For there is no fraud to this loving which you do
I am hoping my rainbows will stay off the floor
We in love's embrace will find the door
To respect and charity and love of who we are

And I am falling hard as a shooting star
Knowing you will catch me before I fall to far
A romantic singing love into your ear
Unable to believe I once did ever fear
Thinking you might never come and find me lying here
Surrounded by these broken rainbows of my tears
Needing your presence to wipe this slate clean
As into promise of your smile and kisses I in love do lean.

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