Friday, June 10, 2011

Beach heart

** beach heart **
Drawing lines in the sand with stick
Piece of driftwood this man's artist tool
No paint palette or chunk of rock
Just damp sand at the tidal border
Sketching wavy lines approximating
The girl in my memory once was knowing
Flowing lines from stick's tip
Rendering in strokes thin and quick
Seems to be better that way
Recalling her in abstract strokes
A dash there for an eyebrow
Shell placed so she can see
Dressed in simple summer dress flowing
As if caught by this sea breeze
And she lies there completed
These lines I fill with memories to complete
Always has been the way of almost artists
Representations taken from the heart
Appear to others to be lines unshapely
Yet knowing in your heart these lines
So beautiful would make heart stop.

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