Thursday, June 2, 2011

Vulcan's wrath

++ Vulcan's wrath ++
These dark clouds lined with sulphur
Bitter aftertaste of hate
Find all love elsewhere left
Pompeii tears pumice streaked
All the boats sunk in Crete
Minoans made extinct
Rupturing the earth
Shattering mountains
All foundations of Earth cast down
Vulcan rises and smotes the Earth
To humanity brings death and disorder
Lava flows as rivers of water might
Scarring or burying all its touches
Such a Midas touch for destruction
Unleashed from deep within our Earth
We are ants upon an ant hill
Full of magma and poisonous gas
When the ground sighs and groans
When wisps of steam and soot escape
Are warning signs that beneath our feet
An malevolent god of fire wakes
And seeks a path to escape.

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