Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fingers to keys

* fingers to keys *
Think caress of keys
Instead transferred to thee
Olde English used in rhyme
If in wooing be no crime
To stroke upon your skin as
In merriment I skim across
Trace the magnetic lines and curves
Seek the smile hid inside
I know one would settle on your face
If in meeting skin my fingers lace
Entwine your feelings and desire
Captivate and send you higher
Swirling as an ember on the wind
Under alights and sets alight
All thoughts and coals within
A furnace of your life make
A leaping fire barely kept in hearth
Blazing most in hidden reaches of your heart
This these fingers tapping keys seek
To restore lion's heart and reject the meek
Set each emotion charging forward
Aside place moments awkward
Stripped bare and honest
These fingers typing spoke.

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