Friday, June 10, 2011

This meld of fact and fantasy

** Meld of fact and fantasy **
Weaving of facts and objects of fantasy
Magna Carta for the rights of men
Appendix added by Jerkyl and Hyde
All of this Spring madness
Fake euphoric chemical gladness
Smiles spread wider than Pollock's palate
Sadness of the widows of war
Both sides feels the grief and woe
No one gains when war passes go
And the White Rabbit runs late
A drip drip of red fate
And the blue hand waves adieu
To the green hand exiting
In gun smoke banjos and saloon doors
The slap of leather on salt water
Sailors lost beneath the sea
In U-boat or submarine
All these pamphlets of dreams
Merchandise schemes of neuron disclosure
Which in waking cannot be held to you
These escapees of fact and fantasy
Where mushroom lift the sky
Reveal Atlas cowering at mortal power
And every cold war hour an eternity
Waiting for the bomb to drop
Or Khushchev to hurl the other shoe
And the Mad Hatter rushes by
So late late late for the dawn red day
The strings of all the passes and bribes
Exposed as the journalists imbibe
Rich draft of political hypocrisy
And the streets running purple
Blood of the royals and ideals perfect
Such beliefs and fatal fascinations
Of crowds and nations great
Lead to ends to horrible to contemplate
We take the Dormouse and kick him to death
Over a pit of spitting vipers
Or a nest of Wall Street securities
Set alight for heat
Only shows emptiness of monied promises
And the ghosts of facts and fantastical objects
Sink to where the dead men drift
And Nemo pilots the Nautilus
Beyond sea bed mining claims
These declarations of sovereign rights extend
Digging profit holes fantastical
Holes of environmental consciousness
Down which pretty Alice will always tumble.

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