Monday, October 10, 2011


+++* trip *+++**
Lift me to heavens
Choirs hallowed in my ears
All the world in peace
Silver stars and moon glowing
Holy night indeed
Tripped by the acid
These sacred images gleam
Half is reality
Other half is dream
Kissing Sheba's locks
Anointed by the priests
All tomorrows seen
In kaleidoscope of space
The lulling tides of fish
Calling oceans of whales
Birds fly salute above
Sound of animals migrating
To bring honour to this house
All the world is wired
To thought and energy charged
Plugged in and connected
A single heartbeat of existence
Such precious visions seen
Glories of this night
Knowing in morn all lost
Shades of reality reset
For now the sweeping madness
Of a hallucinogenic lens
Lifting me to heaven.

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