Wednesday, October 12, 2011

After wards

** afterwards **
There are seasons in the Sun
Storms of rain prevailing
Gloom opf eternal night
Searching for dawn's light saving
Then there are those moments
Incalculable in extreme
When something tragic occurs
Allow the world the upper hand
Take a decision desperate
Which ends own life
Stunts the potential
Leaves such grief and questioning
Is no solution you have found
Is no answer to your pains
This exit only leaves behind
The bereaved and ashamed
That they could not see this hurt
Could not anticipate this deed
Feel were not good enough
To give you the hope
To not to want to do this deed
Though alone this act committed
This secret act of life's betrayal
Now there are white lilies stark
Your name a whispered grief
This is when our existence dark
Is beyond our means to know.

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