Friday, October 7, 2011

So fascinating

* so fascinating *
You must appreciate how you appear
To someone outward looking in
You are not that red dot on your face
The books you have not read
Music and artists you do not know
You are not some ugly creature
So awkwardly made none consider
Do you have a boyfriend dear
Or some other passion which might prevent
Some deeper form of relationship
We see your bones where they appear
Collar delicate holding lines of chest
Marking how shoulders will be placed
We see the hidden places you do not
Small and planes of your back
Warm curves of your buttocks
We see how skin folds and moves
The growing flush of passion
Arch of foot and flight of ankle
The deliciousness of fingers
Succulence of naked wrist
How your body in all proportions forms
The girl or woman we would adore
We admire the delicate elegant engineering
Of this body you possess
Hope the mind is half as interesting
Though we fear if it is
This fascination for you may never rest.

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