Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sweet seducing words

** sweet seducing words **
In days of old
So it has been told
Minstrels would travel far
And to earn a bed behind the bar
Would pull out lute or flute
And play tunes to maidens cute
Rhapsodised on beauty fair
On figure full and flowing hair
Use all the sweet seducing words
Been used since Adam saw Eve's curves
Now I am and never shall
Be one who lute or flute can play well
My words are stuck where they lay
And no bards shall ever play
These verses of your beauty true
Of how more beguiling a world with you
Telling of how when I wake
Every fibre to better life for you make
How I am chased by thoughts unchaste
When see the curve of your waist
Fulllness with which you fill your top
Makes my thoughts jump or stop
Line of legs and ankle shape
As if with fever can make me shake
Lure of spine and sweet small of back
Down which my caressing hands would track
Every spot of heat rising
I am in wonder oft surmising
Needs to be greeted and entreated
Made alive and by passion heated
Till a boiling point is reached
A passion dam completely breached
Then into each other arms joyously flow
As did those bards and maidens of long ago.

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