Thursday, October 6, 2011

this lumpy meat

** this lumpy meat **
Your lumpy lonely heart
Been bruised and battered
Treated badly and so hard
Seems each new relationship
Just a chance to stumble anew
Allow heart to be trampled
As every warning sign ignored
Eternal optimist you dive straight in
Loving with all heart and soul
Spirit completely drawn in
Then the doubts begin to surface
This is no modern Romeo
And he treats you less well than Juliet
And in the end she was dead
Why do they cast such strange looks
Seduce with their tasty hooks
Each and everyone says
You are the girl to make them stay
And you believe each and everyone
Until the day they are gone gone gone
Leave behind your heart fresh scarred
Lumpy meat of loving beating
Battered and broken yet always seeking
The one who's actions match the words
Who will heal your heart
Massage and caress your heart better
Revive this shapeless lonely lump of meat
Desire to forever hear only its healthy beat.

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