Friday, October 7, 2011

Holiday freedoms

** holiday freedoms **
Colours of rainbow hue
Dreams solar and blue sky
Reflection of smile in glittering waters
Scent of salt in the air
Sand grains in your hair
Light loose skirts and shirts
Beach beneath soles of feet
This recreation holiday feeling
Flowers and grass and trees
Seems concrete and glass a life ago
City aural walls pierced
Now the rolling sea our sound companion
The words we speak of loving murmurs
No angry chatter of deadlines
Fallen off the edge of news delivery
Television a neglected empty silent box
We have a life beyond the couch
Sore muscles accept invigorating sleep
All is rest and activity and relaxation
Freed from those minor tyrants
Of Time and Work and Domesticity
We live the life of leisure
Such as Eden might have been
And try to stretch these holiday hours
Before we return from whence we have been.

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