Tuesday, October 4, 2011

old Khartomum

** old Khartomum *
When once to old Khartomum went
City of Ancients and palm trees bent
Ventured there to swimming holes lavish
Bedecked with maidens for Caliph to ravish
How strange this place from the one
Where I usually would call home
No provincial incestuousness in thought
Life lived fully and stretched taut
As every moment in pleasure treasured
Moments without spent in pleasured leisure
At night the sky and stars are charted
And marked for two thousand years every shooting star which darted
Here the Sciences of ancient alchemy peak
No mineral or plant need you seek
For they can make them as you wait
In less time than travelling timetable debate
The smiles of natives here are deep
And the sighing sea and sands lullaby you to sleep
No finer land or kingdom be
Than Khartomum by the silver sea
And I travelled there and back
On the most hazardous and winding tracks
From maze of choices found my way
To where Khartomum sits by Half Moon Bay
And having returned to spread the news
Of Khartomum and its tolerant views
Where each faith is rightfully respected
No member of the population allowed to be neglected
I seek once more to travel there
Where people truly live and love and care
And discover the tracks I travelled hidden from my sight
All hope is dimmed as is the light
Of a single star I once easy marked
Which lead me forward and curiosity sparked
To find the land of Khartomum
Where is the city named the same
By the beautiful Half Moon Bay
Where joy is found every day
Instead here I must spend my every second
Hoping one day the star will again beckon
To Khartomum again I can make my way
Then ever more in old Khartomum I will stay.

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