Thursday, September 15, 2011

You were?

* you were *
There are some people
Who know every face and every name
In some places everyone they can greet
Always run into someone down the street
As if imbued with some local fame
Can recall their children and business
Know of achievements and any silliness
(That ill-advised costume choice at best and fairest count)
As if a memorex for a brain
Full of faces names and the inane
And then there are folks like me
To whom names refuse to stick
Every face a polyglot of every other
Lucky to recall facts on own brother
Stumble from the standard conversation openers
To an abyss of social embrassment
And upon meeting someone once more
Cannot recall what was shared or not
Everything about you been forgot
If you are a John James or Jack
Have children or are married
Work in retail or finance or on the track
Every fact and face eroded
Become a non-entity timid and shy
Because every name or face does get away.

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