Thursday, September 15, 2011

After freed

* after freed *
Days of rain and clouds
Winds rushing by so loud
Proudest days and death
On continental beaches of '44
Was a time of war and woe
Freeing from tyrant's grasp
The old world enslaved
By the young foolishly brave
No body before war can stand
Survivours the lucky and the mad
And memories which sit
Almost at skin surface
Surge over and spill out
When stresses or tensions rise
Or what is carries echoes of what was
A siren wailing or door slammed
Scent of diesel fumes and a face
Remembered and never forgotten
Worn by a younger soul in a different time
And when the clamour dies
Heartbeat and thoughts steady
The realization you survived
And those waves of terror replaced
By constant drumming question of why.

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