Thursday, September 15, 2011


** religion **
Religion in all the different disguises
People using belief to sustain
Against the fickle and the wrong
Unlucky or inconsistent breaks
The decisions made flawed
By time or place or opportunity
Learned experiences found wanting
As circumstances and world shifted
What was never always is
And the change for today may not
Sustain the tomorrows hinted at
As catch lava flow of time
Irreconcilable with the desires of humanity
Unstoppable and impetus glacial
So to religion turn
Events of cosmos interpreted through human lens
Edifices built to what may be
The organisers of our lives
Mandated by human claims on divine
That we are here and will prolong
Forward into another realm
For those who believe no dusk light
All of life a stairway up
To door beyond and heavenly delight.

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