Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Grave thoughts

* grave thoughts *
Time till grave
Descend into
Each footstep carries
A Bergman film montage
Death chats cheerily
Though is surprisingly boring
As if heard all the stories
Always looking over your shoulder
To spot the next soul
In hope of something more interesting
While you are mortified
To discover your life
Treated so dismissively
Didn't you do some things
Strike some chord of wonder
Even your funeral it seems
Was cardboard ordinary
The eulogies by the book
Glossing over your inadequacies
Highlighting your flaws in a teasing manner
As you wait impatiently
As always ever you did alive
For the shuffling feet of the dead
To board the ferry
And the boatman smiles
Or grimaces in your direction
And points out sagely
"This is eternity - no reason to push".

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