Friday, September 16, 2011

On the evening flight

** on the evening flight **
Somewhere high I am looking down
Seeing lights of night shining up
Fairy hills sparkling
Those homes and hearths of men
I wonder what they might think
If they were to lookup
And see our flying steed of steel
Lights flashing metronomically
Crossing from horizon to horizon
Are we heading home or away
Our days starting or ending
A flight or joy and toil
So the person might ponder upon the soil
Looking up as we disappear into night sky
An extra star flickering past
And as I look down the world changes
Clouds crowding sight
Bringing gazing up short
To only those things glimpsed
Beyond the length of light tipped wing
Are walls of solid white
Through which we carve
A sharp plane on the evening city flight.

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