Friday, October 8, 2010

mother's love

!! Mother's Love. !!
Skip your concert of approval
Trained tracks in your head
Meter consumed at breakfast
What you want a side of what you hate
All words and words used as knives
To divide and conquer
Strip you of your worth
Cheapen every exchange
Mother's kisses followed by a slap
Torture of every minute
Overloaded with seeded guilt
Till a switch burns out
Love escapes to hate
No more mother's daughter
Most dangerous foe of all
The convert from belief in you
To seeing and knowing every trick
Fruit does not fall far from tree
Now you must deal with it
This foe with anger
Perpetually whet on guilt
Sharpened hate of the traitor
Who never wanted to be
This you shaped with fiendish glee
In the cradle
At the dinner table
In every spiteful word
Hating the young for being what you were
In the house never a home
Where a family of grief.

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