Thursday, October 7, 2010

the daily everyday

~ the daily everyday ~
Oasis soundtrack in my head
Left behind sirens on my tv
Life used to be harder. now seems too easy
Doing the daily everyday
A mortgage on the house
Two kids at school
A wife happy when I bring wages home
A job in place for the foreseeable future
No decisions left to make
The bills and debtors must be paid
If you have imagination put it on hold
You are the daily everyday
This is the way its going to play
They had you from the cradle
Going to hold you to the grave
Living the same daily everyday
No use complaining about your stereotype
That is just another stereotype
Of a midlife crisis and schoolboy porn
A bottle blonde 10 years younger
Red sportscar for eighteen months
Till fall in love again
The unspoken cycle repeating
Maybe time to break the chain
Escape the corporate plan and pain
Return to Nature and Nature's ways
Let the seasons set your days
Farmer's Almanac be your guide
Freed from corporate drudgery
In fresh air and joy of physical vigour
Be reborn anew
Though work still does accrue
And daily everyday must do
Seasons constant demand
Rare see a farmer's son escaped from land
Seek to return to farm again
Finds office life less harsh
Sees your chains as stability
Thinks the daily everyday
Not to high a price to pay
For a steady wage and job
Unaffected by drought or flood
Thinks your mid age angst is feeble
Is prepared to live the daily everyday
For sees no evil in this way
To lead a life of duty done
Of corporate work and mortgaged home
Of family loved to love in return
For what more greater could you yearn?

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