Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Golden Age

* Golden Age *
Kings in Italian suits
Arbitrage is their force
A penny difference
A penny gained
Hedge the buys and sells
Spread the equities
Bet on government mistakes
Black Swan events
Make the misery of others pay
Bring down a government today
Set in place a dictatorship
At least they will get the bananas out
And if you gamble wrong
Government will bail you out
To big to ever fail
Take your golden handshake
And start again
Tip the waiters and menial staff
Pat them on the head
Send them back to paupercy
Mortgages foreclosed upon
Jobs all gone offshore
They can't afford your education
Building a permanent underclass
To clean your pools and cut the grass
High above in Versailles luxury
Your life the stuff of dreams
Recall how all golden ages
Tend to end by the guillotine.

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