Tuesday, August 21, 2012

casual cruelty

Somewhere they are shifting chairs
I hear the screech across polished floorboards
the scratches to thin personality of wood
forever marked by such casual rough treatment
casts up another face
a girl from long ago
(though in truth she was already a woman
I was just a fool not to know)
who in my loving ways I left crying
not understanding what we had or felt
only later in taking stock
saw the monster I was then
with such casual cruelty
slayed such uncomplicated beauty
and karma in reflection
said enough of that
no more can you catch unicorns
the world vengeance shall have
for discarding love so easily
moving on without a care
innocence is broken
cynicism rule your heart
every one you meet tomorrow
be a reflection of your shallowness
as you did all be cruel deception.

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