Wednesday, May 9, 2012

the days turned upon themselves

Find me lost
crippled limping
a drowned cat in the rain
gypsy having lost his compass
Tomorrow is always today
today was always tomorrow
and yesterday inevitably follows
proving history and hindsight right
as if percentages of certainty after the event
were worth as much as those considered before
when all is uncertainty all is risk all is change
and the escape clause of not doing
of not seeing tomorrow glorious
allowing today to remain as were yesterdays
and as the yesterdays which shall inevitably
follow the smallness of our thoughts and instincts
the gross pymgy we would be if leant upon by our fears
and so you find me lost
as I look over the horizon from today
to the edge of potential tomorrow
lost courage lost hope lost direction
and today will be yesterday crowded by so many might have beens
unless take the challenge of today to paint tomorrow brightly and glid it in gold
for tomorrow never arrives
the tomorrow we seek is this today
which we must dress in hope and promise
so glorious ever will remain our yesterdays.

1 comment:

  1. To dress today in hope and promise...lovely idea.
    I feel your pangs of nostalgia and regret for what could have been.