Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Three Parts

1. I.
Move aside these clouds
Narrow distance between us two
Remove every obstacle and raise every barrier
Let us be who would be
Let us add our voices to life's constant conversation
Together forge new paths and dreams
Other than those we alone once held dear
2. II.
The places we used to go
Now ring hollow and dark
Emptied of the life we filled them with
Bare trees and debris of autumn leaves
Time's clutter on green lawns where we once lay
These hands on cold nights seek the eiderdown
These fingertips cold no longer trace your heat
The radio buzzes me awake
And I lie there hearing house creak
Your heartbeat no longer drowns out the day
Your embrace no longer warms as storms surg
And in silence between the thunder
Seems an infinity of time for reflections on you
3. III.
Never again did our paths
You remained so young in my,memories
As I aged you stayed as you had been
An elegant passionate creature  of,memories and dreams
Details falling away till I cannot recall
Colour of lipstick you wore or which dress
How important were those shoes to your confidence
And what words we first spoke
Lost and unrecoverable in churning millstream of Time
Instead recall how warm we lay after a morning tryst
A kiss which wiped my mind of all thought
A sensation of being loved and loving
A sense of two joined as one.

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  1. Great White GoddessMarch 9, 2017 at 3:12 AM

    Narrow distance between us two....